Industrial Materials

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We handle a variety of fiber materials for industrial and automotive use.
We export, import and off-shore trade primarily Toray's products and products by Toray Group companies in Japan and abroad, for use in a wide range of industrial applications including dust collection, sanitation materials, filters/screen meshes, brushes, sewing yarns, construction, sliding materials, hosing and general materials, as well as automotive applications including airbags, seat belts, car seats, tires, rubber materials, etc. 
Our products for industrial material applications include fiber slings and lashing belts (using BELTIGHT™), as well as non-woven fabrics for construction materials such as "geotextile mats" and "anti-weed sheets."

Main Products

Industrial Materials

  • Fiber slings
  • Lashing belts
  • High-strength nylon fibers for industrial use
  • High-strength polyester fibers for industrial use
  • Fluorofibers (PTFE fibers, TOYOFLON and TEFLON™)
  • Polyester filament non-woven fabric AXTAR
  • Polypropylene filament non-woven fabric
  • Polyester, nylon, polybutylene terephthalate, and other special material mono-filaments
  • Nylon fibers with low melting point
  • Geotextile mat (LN mat INT-10)
  • Anti-weed sheets
  • Construction sheet MANTLE™
  • We also handle material yawns and base fabrics from general suppliers in Japan and abroad.
Industrial slings: Belt sling type (SIGNAL SLING™, nylon slings, polyester slings, CHEMICAL SLING™)
Industrial slings: Multi-sling type (SHIRAI MULTI-SLING™, super-light weight type, waterproof type, for heat resistant applications)
Lashing belts & load binders (using BELTIGHT™)
  • *SIGNAL SLING™, CHEMICAL SLING™, SHIRAI MULTI-SLING™ and BELTIGHT™) are registered trademarks.

Details of Original Products (Industrial Materials)

Fiber product for transportation/packing SHIRAI SLING BELTIGHT™

Shirai slings from the pioneer of industrial fiber slings

Reliable in all applications! Choose from a wide range of products from the 0.5t type for carrying light load, to 400t type for handling super-heavy load.

Multi-slings offering high functionality

Round slings that are easy and safe to use
Multi-slings offering high functionality

Shirai nylon slings

Since their debut in 1962, these long-selling slings have built trust and proven record over 50 years.
Shirai nylon slings

Lashing belts, load binders and load-binding belts using BELTIGHT™

Streamlining your transportation/trucking systems! Preventing land/sea cargo from shifting. Binding/transporting recycled materials. Protection against earthquakes, etc.

Securing cargo on land Securing cargo on land

Securing cargo on land Securing cargo on land

Securing cargo on trucks Securing cargo on trucks

Securing cargo on trucks Securing cargo on trucks

Geotextile mat for riverbank protection

LN mat INT-10 (Works Research Institute Test Report No. 1114)
Environmentally-friendly product made from recycled PET bottles.

sample of construction
sample of construction


  • Needle-punched geotextile mat is 100%(PET bottles 30% Polyester flocks 70%) made of polyester fibers.
  • It offers excellent resistance to weather, chemicals and corrosion, has superior water permeability/drainage, and is very durable.
Standard 2m x 10m, 20m
Thickness (mm) 10 or more
Density (g/cm3) 0.12 or more
Compression ratio (%) 12 or less
Tensile strength (N/cm2)
100 or more
10 or more
Elongation rate (%) 50 or more
Chemical stability (strength retention rate) (%) 70 or more, but no more than 130
Weather resistance (strength retention rate) (%) 70 or more, but no more than 130
Chemical resistance (%) 90 or more
Water permeation coefficient (cm/sec) 1.0 x 10-2 or more
  • JIS L3204 Type 3, No. 4 recovered fiber felt or equivalent

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