Business Features

  • We develop and source unique textiles (in Japan and Asia).
  • We provide sewing service at the cost and quality our customers need (in Asia).
  • We sell Japan-made quality textiles to wholesales, apparel manufacturers and retailers abroad.
  • We sell sewn products made with exported textiles in Japan and overseas.
  • We manufacture sewn products using textiles made in Asia and sell them in Japan and overseas.
  • We have products meeting the diverse woven or knitted fabric needs of customers for women's and men's clothing in general, from high-fashion textiles to practical materials including sewn products.
  • We sell material tricot fabrics primarily made with nylon and polyester fibers.
  • We offer materials suitable for wide-ranging items we use and wear every day.
  • We are committed to developing new products and materials meeting the needs of our customers.

Main Products


  • Textiles (materials) and sewn products
  • Polyester and acrylic materials for clothing
  • Polyester/cotton-knitted fabrics (nurse's uniforms, lab coats)
  • High-density nylon fabrics (down jackets, sleeping bags)
  • Sweat-absorbing, quick-drying warp-knitted & round-knitted fabrics (shirts, linings)
  • Polyester Luana™ fabrics (dust-proof clothes)
  • Nylon & polyester mono-filament tricot (separate single-filament, half)
  • Nylon & polyester multi-filament tricot (half/double-tricot marquisettes, raised fabrics, etc.)

Representative Clothing Applications

Women's clothes, women's bottoms, women's & men's inner wear, women's & men's cut-and-sewn clothes, pajamas, etc.
Uniforms: Lab coats, dust-proof clothes, hotel & restaurant uniforms
Sports: Baseball, soccer, mountaineering bags, curtains, etc.

100% Polyester
100% Acrylic
Other Lycra® fiber blends
Filament/staple blend materials
  • *LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.

Representative Material Applications

Composite leathers, medical, life goods, secondary materials for clothes and inner wear

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