Business Features

  • We have many years of experience in export, off-shore trading and domestic sales.
  • We have an extensive lineup of original stretch yarns developed with our own R&D expertise and philosophy.
  • We handle a wide range of chemical and synthetic material yarns, cotton wools and spun yarns.
  • We are a one-stop contact for products from Toray and Toray Group companies as well as leading suppliers in Japan and abroad.

Main Products


  • Chemical synthetic fibers Staple and Filament
  • Spun Yarn
  • Stretch Yarn
  • Svelte™

Chemical synthetic fibers Staple and Filament

Polyester staple/filament (TORAY TETORON)
Nylon staple/filaments (TORAY NYLON)
Acrylic staple/fiber (TORAYLON)
Polyurethane filament (Lycra® fiber)
Rayon staple/filament

Spun Yarn

Polyester blended yarn (cotton, rayon)
Polyester spun yarn
Acrylic blended yarn (cotton, wool)
Acrylic spun yarn, nylon blended yarn (cotton, wool)
Nylon span yarn, rayon spun yarn
Spun-dyed rayon yarn

Stretch Yarn

Core spun yarn made by compact spinning method (Svelte™)
Specially processed quality core spun yarn (VIRTUAMIX™)
High-power core yarn (MAXFIT™)
Hollow core, micro-slit structure yarn (Multibrid™)
Core spun yarn, ply yarn, FTY
3GT bi-component yarn (material yarn/twisted yarn)
  • *LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.

Details of Original Products (Fibers)


Newly developed stretchable material of compact yarn type


  • Excellent uniformity due to less fluffiness
Yarn properties (Comparison with traditional yarns)
Fluffiness: 75 to 85% lower
Tensile strength 20 to 25% higher
Stretchability 10 to 15% higher
IPI (imperfection index): 20 to 25% lower
(IPI indicates the amount of thick fibers, thin fibers and neps.)
  • Made with super-long cotton fibers, the yarn is soft and its shine creates a luxury feel.
  • Lycra® fibers add excellent stretchability.

Conventional yarn

Conventional yarn




Clean surface with less fluffiness and soft touch feeling.
Its luxury shine and excellent stretchability attributable to Lycra® fibers make this yarn a perfect material for comfortable, stylish clothes.


  • Made by a special manufacturing process, this yarn is soft and its shine creates a luxury feel.
  • The clean surface doesn't become fluffy. 70 to 75% less fluffy than regular yarns
  • Increased strength and easier to produce. 20 to 258% higher than regular yarns
  • Lycra® fibers create comfortable stretch.
Regular core yarn


The comfy yarn stretches as the body moves.
The four-way stretchable yarn is soft, yet maintains shape.


  • The special manufacturing process creates soft texture.
  • The comfy yarn stretches, yet maintains shape.
  • Excellent shape recoverability ensures a perfect fit.
  • High shape retention property prevents knee-bagging.
  • Improved chemical resistance adds to the flexibility of post treatment.
  • Excellent water absorption and quick drying property

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