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We search the world over for stylish sunglasses and sunglass accessories made by famous luxury brands, and sell them, as well as comparable products under in-house brands at department stores across Japan.
Sermoneta Gloves™ is a Italian leather glove brand whose quality, stylish gloves for various occasions from formal to casual have a very large following. We import Sermoneta Gloves™ directly from Italy and sell them at department stores across Japan.

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Main Products

  • Designer sunglasses
  • Leather gloves Sermoneta Gloves™

Details of Original Products (Fashion Accessories)


Selling high-end designer sunglasses for department stores

We were the first in Japan to sell sunglasses at department stores. Since the opening of our first store in April 1973, we have spent more than 40 years promoting sunglasses as fashion accessories, not just UV-protection glasses, in Japan.
Tapping our global networks, we source sunglasses from high-street fashion brands in Italy, France, England, Spain and the U.S., as well as other unique brands including our own in-house brands. Our choicest collection of sunglasses is available at more than 100 department stores in Japan.

View of store front
View of store front

(View of store front)

Leather gloves Sermoneta Gloves™

The brand was founded by Giorgio Sermoneta in 1964 at Plaza de España in Rome. Since then, their quality, stylish gloves for various occasions from formal to casual have developed a very large following. Sermoneta Gloves™ are sold through nationwide famous department stores.

Features of Sermoneta Gloves™

Head office in Rome Head office in Rome


Founder Giorgio Sermoneta, whose family was running a clothing business in Rome that dates back to the 1800s, opened the first Sermoneta Gloves™ store in 1964 at Plaza de España in Rome.
Since then, the quality, stylish gloves made by the top Italian brand have been loved by many and are now hugely popular also in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Fitting Fitting


All gloves are made from kid (young goat) leather. Kid leather is known for small pores and flexibility. Sermoneta Gloves™ selects only leather from younger goats to ensure uniform quality. All leathers are tanned in Italy. Italian tanning technique, which is said to be the best in the world, creates the best soft leather with beautiful color. ★ Sermoneta Gloves™ also has gloves made from deerskin leather, peccary leather and various other materials.

Display Display


There are two reasons why Sermoneta Gloves™ has remained a renowned, trusted name for more than 40 years in the world: "Quality craftsmanship" and "Choice of colors and original design." Just like their counterparts did hundreds of years ago, the experts leather dressers at Sermoneta Gloves™ carefully handle every pair of gloves each step of the way to craft the absolute works of art. Every season, we get to enjoy these timeless classics in different styles and colors to reflect the latest trend. "Sermoneta Gloves™" is indeed synonymous with the latest, original mode out of Italy.


One unique feature of Sermoneta Gloves™ is that their gloves come in beautiful colors you don't normally associate with leather. These vivid colors made possible with traditional Italian techniques are something that cannot be easily copied elsewhere.