Electronics & Information Related Materials

Business Features

We are the Toray Group's export, import and distribution arm, handing high-tech products such as Toray Industries, Inc.'s IT materials and liquid crystal materials.
We also market, export, import and distribute third-party electronic, imaging and IT equipment and members.

Main Products

Electronic materials

  • Electronic materials
  • Liquid crystal and other display members
  • Plastic optical fiber RAYTELA
  • Printing materials
  • Printing systems
  • Image processing equipment
  • Continuous-form printers
  • RFID tags

Electronic materials

Product Details
coverlay films
Manufacturer´╝ÜToray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.
FPC materials
2-layer copper-clad polyimide films
Plated 2-layer FPC boards (METALOYAL) Manufacturer´╝ÜToray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.
Adhesive film carrier tapes
Copper foils Manufacturer: Kawamura Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Materials for TAB
Adhesive sheets for semiconductors Package materials
Photosensitive polyimide coatings (PHOTONEECE)
Non-photosensitive polyimide coatings (SEMICOFINE)
Coating materials
High-performance ceramic beads (TORAYCERAM) Ceramic products

Liquid crystal and other display members

TFT color filter (TOPTICAL)
Touch panel Manufacture: Micro Technology Co., Ltd.
Flexible electronic circuit boards for displays Manufacturer: STEMCO

Plastic Optical Fiber

Plastic optical fiber (RAYTELA)

Printing Materials

Photosensitive relief printing plate (TORELIEF)
Offset printing materials not requiring damping water (TORAY WATERLESS PLATE)
Photosensitive flexographic printing materials

Printing systems

Product Details
Software Inspection Software Series The Hallmarker Series Manufacturer: GTB Co., Ltd.
Proofing RIP ColorTuner Series Manufacturer: CGS Japan Co., Ltd.
Color management equipment X-Rite equipment
Image processing equipment TIJ-HK semi-glossy RC papers [610 mm wide, 918 mm wide, 1118 mm wide]
TIJ-J2 white wood-free papers [610 mm wide, 918 mm wide, 1118 mm wide]
Ink adjustment system (TIPS2000) Product introduction video

Image processing equipment

CTP thermal setters
High-speed printers

Continuous-form printers

Consumable engine parts Manufacturer: Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

RFID tags

Product Details
Semiconductor & circuit materials UHF-band RFID tags
(We are the sole distributor for Alien Technology headquartered in the U.S.)

Environmentally friendly products of our IT Material Division

Product Details
Semiconductor & circuit materials Toray's high-performance adhesive sheet for semiconductor & electronic components TSA
Printing materials (TORAY WATERLESS PLATE) Environmentally-friendly offset printing plate material not requiring damping water

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