Environmental Policy

We acquired "ISO 14001" certification (2004 edition) for environmental management system in 2013, and also acquired certification of 2015 edition in February 2018. We will voluntarily and actively make efforts to take further environmental measures.

Basic Philosophy

TORAY INTERNATIONAL shall strive to protect the environment by recognizing safety, disaster prevention and environmental protection its top priority issues and ensuring safety and health of its employees accordingly, while also conducting sound business activities as a manufacturer's trading company with global operational footprint to safeguard the global environment and help achieve sustainable growth.

Corporate Action Guidelines

1. Compliance with environmental laws

Comply with the environmental laws and regulations of Japan and countries to which we export, as well as legal requirements with which we and our business partner agree.

2. Consideration for natural environment

In our business expansion, undertake to protect environment and prevent pollution as well as consider negative effects on the local community.

3. Effective utilization of resource and energy

Effectively utilize resource and energy by understanding the finite nature of resource and energy.

4. Provision of environmentally-friendly products

Undertake to provide products which contribute to environmental protection, including those mitigating climate change and reducing hazardous substances.

5. Enhancement and continuous improvement of environmental management system

Set environmental objectives and targets in line with the environmental policy and review them periodically to enhance and continuously improve our environmental management system.

6. Full communication and disclosure of environmental policy

Share this environmental policy with all employees and other interested parties of the Company and also make it available to public including stakeholders.