Green Innovation Business

Environmentally-friendly products

There is a strong call in recent years for addressing the environmental deterioration on a global scale due to economic growth and population increase, etc., around the world. Accordingly, tougher environmental laws are being enacted in Japan and abroad to address these environmental issues that are dubbed the biggest problem in the 21st century, and it has become very important that we also use environmentally-friendly products in our daily life.
Accordingly, the Company is making active efforts to protect the global environment, such as obtaining certification under the ISO14001 standard (*) for environmental management system , setting and implementing a company-wide policy on environment, and carrying a wide range of Green Innovation products.
The following outlines some of the Green Innovation products carried by the Company.

Green Innovation products relating to electronics & information materials

Product Details
Semiconductor/circuit materials Toray's high-performance adhesive sheet for semiconductor/electronic components TSA
Printing materials TORAY WATERLESS PLATE, an environmentally-friendly offset printing plate material that does not use dampening water

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Green Innovation products relating to water treatment & environment

Product Details
Water treatment membranes
  • ROMEMBRA, a revers-osmosis membrane element developed through Toray's cutting-edge polymer technology
  • TORAYFIL™, a microfiltration/ultrafiltration membrane module developed through Toray's cutting-edge polymer technology
  • MEMBRAY, an immersion-type membrane module developed for membrane biorector
Water treatment equipment Wastewater recycling system
Water purifier TORAYVINO, a home water purifier combining hollow fiber filter based on Toray's advanced membrane technology, with granular active carbon and other filtration materials
Air filter TORAYCLEAN, an air filtration unit that creates a clean air environment

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(*) We are ISO14001-certified under the following category:

Scope of registration: Wholesale of raw chemical materials for synthetic fiber , fine chemicals, carbon fibers, various plastics, plastic films and electronics & information materials
Related offices: Tokyo Head Office