Company Overview

Company name Toray International,Inc.
Establishment 1986/12/20
Capital 2.04 billion yen
Shareholder Toray Industries, Inc.
Number of employees
(As of March 31, 2021)
Japan: 534 (Toray International,Inc.)
Overseas: 723 (overseas trading companies, representative offices)
Total: 1,257
(As of March 31, 2021)
499.3 billion yen
Main Products
  • Synthetic raw yarns/raw cottons, rayon, cotton, wool, spun yawn, non-woven fabric, industrial slings
  • Synthetic textiles, knits, cotton/TC textiles, general sewn products, ultrasuede, leather products
  • Fiber/plastic manufacturing & processing plants, machinery set
  • Auxiliary agents, oil solutions, sizing agents and dyes for textile indust
  • Chemicals for synthetic raw materials, fine chemicals, carbon fiber TORAYCA, composite components, iron & steel
  • Various plastics and films
  • Electronic materials/components, printing materials, color filters, optical fibers, water treatment equipment, computer peripherals, ceramics
  • Imported carpets
  • Home water purifier (TORAYVINO
  • EMS fitness machine Torelete
  • Eyeglass cleaning cloth TORAYSEE
  • TORAYSEE for industrial application
  • TORAYSEE for skincare application
  • Designer sunglasses