Management Philosophy

TORAY sets force the following "Management Philosophy" as the basic charter on how we should strive as a corporation. This "Management Philosophy" specifies the rules TORAY and its directors and employees should observe in carrying out various corporate activities, and as a member of the TORAY Group, TORAY INTERNATIONAL also participates in the realization of this "Management Philosophy."

Corporate Philosophy

We shall contribute to society through the creation of new values.

Basic Management Policy

For our customers, we shall provide products and services offering new values and high quality.
For our employees, we shall create motivation to work and fair opportunities.
For our shareholders, we shall run our company in a sincere, trustworthy manner.
For our society, we shall fulfill our social responsibility and harness mutual trust and coordination.

Corporate Action Guidelines

Safety and Environment

By recognizing safety, disaster prevention and environmental protection as top priority issues, we shall safeguard the safety and health of society and our employees and actively protect the environment.

Ethical and Fair

We shall act fairly according to high ethical principles and with a strong sense of responsibility, and maintain transparency in management to obtain the trust and meet the expectations of society.

Customer First

We shall provide our customers with new values and solutions, and achieve sustainable growth with the customers.

Innovation and Creativity

We shall drive continuous innovation in all aspects of corporate activities, to achieve dynamic evolution and growth.

Strengthening of Field Power

We shall constantly learn from one another and encourage self-driven efforts, and reinforce our field power that underscores our corporate activities.

International Competitiveness

We shall pursue the world's most competitive quality, cost, etc., and strive to grow and expand in the global market.

Global Coordination

We shall harness organic coordination with Group companies and strategic partnership with non-Group companies, to glow globally.

Focus on Human Resource

We shall provide a work place where our employees are motivated to work, and build a corporate culture that infuses energy in our people and organization.