Message from the President

Thank you for accessing Toray International's website.

Toray International was established in 1986 as the trading arm of the Toray Group. Since then, we have grown into what is known as a "manufacturer's trading company." We handle a wide range of products and services, from materials to end-user consumer goods, by drawing on the experience and know-how accumulated and built over the years through the global trading business and 42 entities worldwide including Japan.

Under our long-term management vision of "SUPPLY CHAIN INNOVATOR", and aiming to be the GLOBAL MARKETING AND MERCHANDISING FORCE (GM2F) which creates new value through materials, processing and distribution we are committed to contributing to society by constantly exploring new ideas and proposing solutions to meet our customers' needs. We ask for your continued support and guidance as we strive forward as a team in the effort to become a group of companies trusted by all stakeholders.

Tomohiko Kataoka