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We use our close network with Toray Industries, Inc. and Toray Group companies in Japan and abroad to provide a one-stop service from material development to planning/production of clothes, selling products to apparel manufacturers and retailers not only in Japan, but around the world.

Main Products

Sports outdoor wear

Sports & outdoor wear

Ski & snowboarding wear
Rain wear
Wind breakers
Down wear
Athletic wear
Swim wear

Designer clothes

Designer clothes

Blouses & dresses



Fabric dress shirts
Casual shirts
Polo shirts, T-shirts

Inner wear

Inner wear

Functional inner wear

Foreign-sewn Products

Most clothing items manufactured and sold by Toray International are sewn abroad.
Initially we did our sewing primarily in China, but recently we are using Vietnam, Cambodia and other South Asian countries more.
We will increase our sewing operations in South Asia, mainly at our own factory in Vietnam.

Foreign-sewn Products1
Foreign-sewn Products2
Foreign-sewn Products3
Foreign-sewn Products4

Details of Original Products


3DeFX+® is a new type of comfortable wear using state-of-the-art stretch material and special sewing technology.

Outer wear made by this light, stretchable material offering high function and excellent heat-retaining property is perfect for all types of activities such as outdoor, sports and stylish urban living.


  1. (1) State-of-the-art stretchable fabric (Lycra®, T400, etc.)
    Utilizing Toray's state-of-the-art stretchable material, 3DeFX+® supports various applications.
Dermizax™ Highly waterproof & moisture-permeable material
Airtastic™ Super-light material made partially with plant-based fibers
Primaflex™ Knitted material 100% made of highly stretchable polyester (T400)
  1. (2) Stretchable sewing threads
    Stretchable sewing threads are used to maintain stretchability, while also preventing down or cotton padding from coming out.
  2. (3) 3D stretchable cotton padding
    The cotton padding uses four types of blended yarns with different shrinkages, to achieve unprecedented bulky and stretchable fabric.
  • 3DeFX+®
  • 3DeFX+®
  • 3DeFX+®
  • 3DeFX+®
  • *Lycra® is a trademark of Invista.

Quix Down™

Super-water-repellent feather


Quix Down™ is an innovative feather treated to exhibit super water repellency, to solves the weakness of conventional feathers to water. 
The down remains light and warm even when getting wet in rain or snow, to keep your body dry and warm inside.
Super water repellency is achieved by environmentally-friendly PFOA-free water-repellent agent. Special technology ensures that the down will remain water-repellent after 10 washes.

  • Quix Down™
  • Quix Down

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